Dating Friends is Easy

pYG7BHC Dating Friends is EasyIt is one of the most difficult situations that usually happens when two people who are friends fall for each other: the decision to take a relationship into a more intimate level-love. So what happens now when friends become lovers? Dating friends is a problematic issue but easily it can be resolved by understanding the potentiality of love to grow in friendship.

If you’re a guy, you probably want to try dating in a romantic way with your a friend you consider close to you. Many instances that a guy would fall for his girl friend, or the other way around when the girl would fall for the guy. When this kind of situation happens, usually, one would have to leave to give way for friendship. Dating friends often results to shyness and awkwardness within the friendship circle and will leave broken hearts and depressing moments for both party that is involved, but don’t be bothered.

So is it Easy?

Is it bad to date a friend? Well now, it should not be a problem because it’s just easy! Why? Well it’s often regarded that when you talk to someone whom you already know , the process of dating would be easier. Since both of you are friends already, you know what are the things she will enjoy, her likes and dislikes.

On Your First Date Together

As dating friends, your first date together can be really complicated, however, when deciding to take friendship into another level, you must be able to take risks to be able to date a friend. If your friend seems reluctant on your first date, you may try approaching your female friend in a way that both of you will not act awkwardly with each other. Do things that both of you enjoy and try to keep the friendships’ presence by creating a good atmosphere.

The “Yes” Answer

If she says yes, then applaud yourself for a job well-done. However, there’s a difference between the 2 yes. It can be a yes that she feels the same way about you or a “yes” just for once because you are her friend and she doesn’t want to hurt you. Take note of her actions, if she started avoiding you, this only means that she don’t feel the same way towards you. It’s one of the worst scenarios, accept it as you will.

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  4. Friendship says:

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